"Oslo’s most explosive 5-piece that will bring any house down. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, and it certainly doesn’t matter where. Fat fred & the Possumhunters will bring the house down either if it is a nightclub after midnight full or drunk horny adults, or a pub in the middle of the afternoon with families with kids, and grown-ups having their first beer. 

If you haven’t had the honor of seeing them yet, then you owe it to yourself. If you have, then you know you’re addicted. And you’re not afraid to admit it.”

Sitat Fra Buckleys:

"Sist Fat Fred & The PosssumHunters gjestet oss - gav de tilhørerne en maktoppvisning i nær totalitær sjangerutfoldelse, pur spilleglede og energi som burde vært offentlig tilgjengelig på apotek”.


"Fat Fred & The Possumhunters er blant våre favoritt scenegjengangere. Sett av denne lørdagskvelden for nok en skikkelig dose analog rockabilly på høygir!”

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